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Tax Return Preparation

Level  1


sales tax

If you don't claim any dependents, have little or no deductions, and you file as single or MFJ. File 1040EZ to receive a tax refund.
Level  2


sales tax

If you don't itemize deductions, or have any of your own business or farm income. File 1040A to receive certain credits.
Level  3

1040 with forms
Sch. A, B

sales tax

Schedule A itemized deductions. Samples include:

Home mortgage interest
Property, state, local income taxes
Investment interest expense
Medical expenses
Charitable contributions
Misc. allowable deductions
Level  4

Additional forms and
Schedules needed

sales tax

Most common forms are:
Sch. C  -  Business Owner
Sch. D  -  Capital Gains
Sch. E  -  Rental Income
Sch. F -  Farming
Sch. SE
Form 4835
Form 4868
Form 6198

Note (1): AARP members receive a 10% discount for IRS Form 1040 filing.

Note (2): All quoted services above are for IRS Form 1040 filing. All other business tax returns [ie., 1041, 1065, 1120-S, 1120] willl be quoted per client requirements.

Note (3): All quotes above include electronic Federal & State income tax filings, as well as direct deposit of refunds (which is much faster than mailed refunds), if you desire.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping for data compilation intended for use preparing your upcoming Income Tax Return is usually performed in late December through the month of January.
Year-end summary of income and expenses reporting for tax preparation   *   $25 per hour

Compilations of your data during the year is performed using Quickbooks Accounting program. Records are kept safely on backups generated each time changes are made to the records.
Full accounting functions, including financial statements provided   *   $40 per hour

For special or short-term projects accounting and data tracking   *   free quote available.

Payroll Services

One-time business set up fee   *   $40
Payroll processing  (any frequency)  --  1-5 employees  --  $15 (minimum fee)  (+) $2 per employee
Payroll processing  (any frequency)  --    6+ employees  --  $15 (minimum fee)  (+) $3 per employee
Additions, deletions or changes to employee records (as occur)  --  $5 / each amendment
Executing direct deposit for employee payments   *   free quote available.

For additional payroll services, please visit our complete   PAYROLL pricing page.

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