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New service offered for 2018

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This year we're introducing a new service. You can choose to have us file your tax return each year, OR you can choose to have us file your income taxes THIS YEAR, and next year we'll turn it over to you. We show you how to "recall" your information and data stored in 2018, for use in preparing your income taxes in 2019 yourself.  This saves you time, stress and money!

Personal assistance
Imagine!  You could file your future income tax returns, complete with electronic filing and direct deposit of your refund, for as little as $15.

Because your previous years' data is stored for recall when you're ready to finish this year's filing, you save time. Because you choose the time you want to sit down and do it, you can experience less stress.

Accu-tax Services gets you started. And if you need assistance, we're here for you.

Accu-Tax Services Is Your Personal Tax Adviser

We're here if you need us! Accu-Tax doesn't close just because the current tax filing season is over.
We're available to you, whether you need:
  • to file an extention
  • to file a previous year's return
  • to file business returns
  • accounting or payroll services using Quickbooks
  • answers for your questions on your tax return filings in future years
IMPORTANT!  Also be aware that, unlike many service bureaus, Accu-Tax Services does NOT use Internet-based accounting or payroll processing, and your data is NEVER stored "in the cloud."  ATS processes your paperwork in-house to local files stored and backed-up, right here in the office. Your information is never on the Web, in any form.

You can view our 2018 discounts on our "Pricing" page.

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