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New service offered for 2018

ATS offers a new service for your 2017 tax filing

This year we're introducing a new service. You can choose to have us file your tax return each year, OR you can choose to have us file your income taxes THIS YEAR, and next year we'll turn it over to you. We show you how to "recall" your information and data stored in 2018, for use in preparing your 2018 income taxes in 2019 yourself.  This saves you time, stress and money!

Personal assistance
Imagine!  You could file your future income tax returns, complete with electronic filing and direct deposit of your refund, for as little as $15.

Because your previous years' data is stored for recall when you're ready to finish this year's filing, you save time. Because you choose the time you want to sit down and do it, you can experience less stress.

Accu-tax Services gets you started. And if you need assistance, we're here for you.

Here's How It Works

ATS completes the filing of your 2017 Income Tax return in 2018, just as we would in any year. The difference is:

  • ATS creates, with this year's income tax filing, a permanent account for you,
  • your information input for 2017 [in 2018] is stored & ready for recall in 2019 for you to complete your 2018 return,
  • we give you your account login info, passwords & other pertinent information,
  • we keep your login information in your file with us, in case you lose the information prior to next year,
  • and we're here to help you the first time you complete a return by filing online yourself.
By using recall of your stored data, you can see how much time and effort is saved through elimination of re-entering common information year to year. For those whose tax situation and documents change very little from one year to the next, this makes entering current-year data the only requirement.

And it doesn't matter if you have a simple [2 to 4 pages] tax return, or a complex return [Schedules C, D, E, F, Form 2106, etc.], any 1040 can be completed using this electronic method for the same cost.

NOTE: This service is available for individuals only, filing 1040EZ, 1040A, and Form 1040.
            AARP members receive a 10% discount.


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